Walking Tour of Warsaw

Walking Tours of Warsaw

Warsaw4u shows you Warsaw as it really is: not only basic landmarks or monuments, but also the places that are not described in guidebooks.

With us you will get a chance of seeing the city through the eyes of a Warsaw inhabitant.

Warsaw4u explores the history, the cracks and crevices, the side streets and culture of real Warsaw neighborhoods.

Historical Warsaw

The Old Town is an outstanding example of old Warsaw architecture, with narrow streets, beautiful houses and palaces surrounded by the medieval city walls.

See the oldest district of Warsaw. Visit the most interesting sights in the capital of Poland.

Communism in Warsaw

Did you know that it was in Warsaw that the Peace Treaty often called the Warsaw Pact between the countries of Eastern Europe was signed? As soon as the Second World War ended Warsaw started to be rebuilt mostly as a model example of a city which would represent the spirit of social realism. Feel the spirit of red Warsaw.

Jewish Warsaw

Before the outbreak of the Second World War about 30% of Warsaw population was of Jewish origin. What happened to them? How to find their traces in modern Warsaw?
Join this tour to hear about true stories of Polish Jews of Warsaw.

Alternative Warsaw

Praga was one of the very few districts that was not completely ruined during World War II and we can still see many signs of the past. It was also a district in which development of three different cultures – Catholic, Orthodox and Jewish – was possible. This is a trip for those who like to see areas not descibed in guide books.

Compose your stay

I am very flexible. If you don’t know how to organize your day in Warsaw, simply contact me. I can plan your day in Warsaw. Are you interested in architecture, culture, communism, history or you have other expectations? You name it. I will design a tour to keep your mind awake without killing your feet! You want to have a driving tour? Not a problem!

Prices and Details

2,5 hour tour – 350PLN/up to 4 pers.
Half day – 500PLN/up to 4 pers.
Whole day – 800PLN/up to 4 pers.
Weekend (2x6hours) – 1000PLN/up to 4 pers.