Walking Tour of Warsaw

Why walking tours?

Warsaw is the city with the highest PNB/person in Poland. Most of people here has got cars. In consequence on weekdays whole city centre stucks in traffic jams. Walking tours will help you bypass these inconveniences. Warsaw has got 2 metro lines, public transportation system (trams, buses, bike rental systems etc) is very modern and comfortable. For us is important to give you touch of real Warsaw. We can tell you about local customs, traditions and current political situation. This is also an exceptional opportunity to meet somebody who lives here.

Suitablity for elderly people children?

Our tours are suitable for everyone. Each our tour takes 2.5 hours and is not longer than 5 km. If you are coming to Warsaw with children we suggest you participate in the Historical Warsaw tour (it includes a few legends). During the Jewish Warsaw tour you will need a public transport ticket.  If you haven’t got it – it is no problem – your tour guide will have a ticket for you – cost: PLN 15). The Praga district is on the right bank of the Vistula River but, to avoid any inconvenience connected with meeting our tour guide, we’ve set the meeting point at the Zygmunt Column. To get to the Praga district you will need at least a one way ticket (cost: 4,4 PLN).

If you dont feel to have walking tour, we can provide driving tour in a convienient car..

Who are your tour guides?

We put the highest quality of service first. That’s why each tour is led by a licensed tour guide who speaks very good English. Our tour guides are professional, very friendly, open minded and have good sense of humour. They will make sure you will know what “Polish hospitality” means.

Do you provide tours every day?

Unfortunately, only during summertime (1st of June-15st of September) we provide tours every day. Although Warsaw for us is the most beautiful city in the world, we are aware that numbers of tourists decrease after high season. We can ensure the other months tours on weekends only.

Why individual tours?

Individual tours have at least one advantage. During regular tours, you have a small chance to give a questions. That’s why it is better to have private guide. During the tour we are very flexible, so we can change our itinerary, if required. We can organise your tours using private cars, an old bus, a tram – anything you want. If you prefer an individual approach, this is the best solution for you. And what is important is that we have very good prices. Prices depend on the number of hours and participants. Please contact us for more information.